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Relying on accurate market-oriented R&D relief, strict quality control, sound marketing and perfect service system, AUFINE is committed to provide the best tyre, best service and valuable brand to the world.

The major products of AUFINE include truck and bus radial tyres, passenger car tyres, which have passed DOT, ECE, REACH, ISO9001, S-MARK, CCC, GCC, BIS, SMARTWAY, INMETRO, SASO, SONCAP, LATU, NOM certifications. AUFINE tyre distribution network is over 130 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Adhering to the mission of bringing safety, comfort and pleasure to drivers all over the world, AUFINE commits to the innovation and upgrading of products as the heart of enterprise. AUFINE people are absorbed in meeting local individual demands. AUFINE tyre takes innovation as the growing power of the brand. Moreover, AUFINE has standard process of development system and independent research and production ability to develop high performance tyres with wide base, low section and low noise.

Types of Tires


Conqueror AF717

Aufine Conqueror AF717 – Truck Tire for Highways The Conqueror AF717 is fitted to the front and rear axles of trucks and oil tankers. Independently tested, the tire guarantees fuel efficiency and uncompromising durability.

The Aufine Conqueror AF717 tires are well presented on wet roads, have excellent rolling resistance and stable direction. In addition, the tire provides increased sound comfort.

Aufine truck tires are manufactured based on innovative technologies in modern factories that are no longer inferior to Japanese or German production.


Energy ADR3

Aufine Energy ADR3 is an all season drive axle tire made in China.

Aufine Energy ADR3 is one of the best tires on the market in terms of value for money.

Aufine Energy ADR3 tires are used on the drive axle of commercial vehicles. The tire profile width is 295 mm. Profile height – 80%. The rim of the Aufine Energy ADR3 tire is 22.5 inches. Tire speed index – M (150 km / h). Load index for single installation – 154 (3750 kg). Tandem installation load index – 151 (3450 kg).

The all-season truck tire Aufine Energy ADR3 performs well both when working on the ground and when driving on an asphalt surface.


Energy ATR2

Aufine Energy ATR2 is an all-season truck tire for trailers and semi-trailers made in China. Tires are produced and sold in one standard size – 385 / 65R22.5. They have a universal tread pattern, ideal for all types of road surfaces.

The main qualities of the Aufine Energy ATR2 tire are high wear resistance and a wide tire surface. The tread depth of the Aufine trailer and semi-trailer tire is 16.5 mm. The purchase of Aufine Energy ATR2 tires is supported not only by the positive feedback from many truck drivers around the world.

The low price of the product is especially attractive. The entire tire manufacturing process is strictly controlled and tested, so there is no need to worry about the quality of Aufine tires. At all stages of production, Aufine strives to minimize harmful waste, and due to specially developed tread models it reduces fuel consumption.
Hence, Aufine products are economical and environmentally friendly. If you decide to buy Aufine rubber, you have made the right choice, which will save you money and the environment in your region.


Galaxy AF327

Aufine Galaxy AF327 are truck tires for highways.

The Aufine Galaxy AF327 is mounted on the rear axles of trucks and fuel tankers. The double layer of the rubber composition helps to optimize the tire temperature and protects the tire against overheating. Deep and wide grooves ensure excellent drainage throughout the life of the tires.

Aufine Galaxy AF327 tires behave admirably on the wet highway, have good rolling resistance and course stability.

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